Reviews from Happy Customers

Danny Barker posted this photo and said,”Florida the Bass Capital of the World……sending out a SOS by Death Shimmer Spinnerbaits….CHomp !”

Steve Preston posted this photo and said,”Maine waters are crystal clear . Death Shimmer is awesome.”

“This is by far my new favorite spinner bait. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at first but after using it a few times, it went to the front of the line when I am reaching for a spinnerbait. This bait has nothing but high-quality components. The wire gauge is perfect, the swivel is incredible, and the wicked bends in the arm make a…ll the difference in the world. This bait is flawless right out of the package. The bends are truly genius and are what separates it from every other spinnerbait out there. The bends in the arm put off a lot more vibration than your normal spinnerbait. Also, it runs true right out of the package. Plus, it flat-out catches quality bass. I have already caught several solid 2-3lb smallmouth bass and largemouth bass in the three to four weeks I have been using the Death Shimmer 2. This is, in my opinion, the best spinner bait on the market. I honestly see this being the next hot bait and/or the secret of many tournament anglers.”

– Wil Dieffenbauch

I know the first time I tide a Death Shimmer on I realized on the first cast that the action of the DS was different then any spinnerbait on the market (besides the squiggly upper arm). It to me was a cross between an old Bass Buster “Scorpion” and a Zman Chatterbait! It has the thump like a Scorpion and the shimmer like a chatterbait. Spinnerbaits have not changed much in years and this was a major change, I think that is why some were not willing to except this revolutionary bait. Don’t let looks fool you, this bait chomps them!!

– Douglas Taylor

Clinton Phillips sent me this picture of a giant Oklahoma bass he caught on the new Death Shimmer tandem blade spinner bait that he purchased at the Bassmaster Classic show in Tulsa! Thanks, Clinton nice fish!!

Dave Brown with a nice Crooked Creek lake Death Shimmer bass!

Dan sent in his picture of this Death Shimmer success! 

“I have fished many different types of spinnerbaits over the years. About a month ago I was at Bill’s Outdoor Center in Maryland and was introduced to the DeathShimmer spinnerbait. It is a spinnerbait like I’ve never seen before, the wire design is amazing! I had purchased the bait and first day out I was landing fish; the action, vibration, and movement from the DeathShimmer is unreal! You can real the DeathShimmer as fast as you want, and it will not role over or go in circles! The Death Shimmer is something the fish have never before and it shows! The design of this bait just blew my mind, and is definitely the best spinnerbait I’ve ever used!”

– Brent Dodrill

“First bass of the day caught on a jig with a Death shimmer Chief Craw trailer….instant smile on my face.”

– Mitch Gerber

It’s a great bait. I use it on the Juniata River. Caught this 27in walleye
– Billy Blades

Joe from Armstrong County is enjoying fishing with the Death Shimmer. Caught a nice 22″ walleye on the Allegheny River

“All I could get bit on this wknd was the Shimmer.”

– Bobby VanEvery

“My biggest Bass in last night’s tournament came on the Death Shimmer, my friend!”

– Ronnie Melton

Mike Mercuri with a great bass caught Saturday on the Death Shimmer 2 Spinnerbait

John Sims and his cousin fish death shimmers.
Look at the sexy shad death shimmer hooked.
Hermitage Pa

1 on the Death Shimmer this morning. — with Jim Cross at Joe Wheeler State Park-Alabama.

Robbie Phillips … With a nice smallmouth that fell victim to a Death Shimmer spinnerbait!

Threw everything today, they only wanted the shimmer baby, yes sirrr!
– Brad Bee

Ralph Brooks posted this photo. Success with the Death Shimmer.

David Mann holding up his personal best biggest Bass, caught today on a Death Shimmer single-blade spinner bait in Pennsylvania!

Jack Jarrell said,”Got this one today too.”

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